International Conference Lisbon 2013

quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Urban Interventions: Mediation and Urban Planning

The artistic interventions in the public realm of cities encourage a change in the way the space is seen and perceived. Urban interventions, regardless of having their genesis in formal or informal dynamics, can be used as a mean to spark debate but also to enable new features in a location. They can make a public urban space more attractive; they can enable the creation of a place identity or they can even help in urban revitalization processes. In this way, urban interventions are often made viable by mediators, such as cultural promoters or urban planning institutes, driven by other aims than the own artist's goals.
Acknowledging the potential of urban interventions, the third topic of this conference addresses the mediation of urban interventions and the role of urban interventions in urban planning. We propose a debate among mediators in order to clarify their goals and realize how urban interventions can be inserted in urban planning.

Marianna Monte | DINÂMIA’CET-IUL
Nelson Brissac Peixoto
Liza Fior | Muf architecture/art
Patrícia Romeiro | Manobras no Porto
José Queirós Carvalho | Lx Factory
Cláudio Gonçalves | Reaction LX

Final synthesis:

Nuno Crespo

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