International Conference Lisbon 2013

domingo, 8 de setembro de 2013

Urban Interventions

The public space is increasingly becoming an expression of the globalized world, where the thin boundaries between time and space, public and private, real and virtual are being dissolved. It is no longer just the institutional space of ideological representation, but rather the space of presentation and entertainment. Despite its evolution, the public space remains the place of interaction, encounter and a symbol of urban life.
In recent years, there have been new creative dynamics that through small interventions in public space, ephemeral or temporary, are introducing a new perspective on what is the city, and the urban life.
With this conference we want to debate this recent urban interventions and their importance in the current context of cities development, as well as the relationship between public space, public realm, art and architecture.
At a time when disciplinary boundaries are blurred and new creative dynamics are emerging with new approaches in public space, we want to emphasize the importance of these themes in the development of the contemporary city, as well as in the current work of artists, architects, urban planners and mediators.

Following the theme of the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale, “Close, Closer”, the conference is composed by three sessions: (i) Public Space, Public Sphere and the Contemporary City; (ii) Art, Architecture and Public Space; and (iii) Urban Interventions: Mediation and Urban Planning.
These sessions will take place in two days, and will be complemented by a number of ephemeral urban interventions, that will be performed by some collectives and artists on the evening of the first day.

The attendance at theconference corresponds to two credits for Ordem dos Arquitectos.

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